About me

Life is good, but there is some magic missing. I decided that this would be the year when I invited poetry into my life. Reading, writing, experimenting and finding my way. And instead of writing in a vacuum, I thought it would be good to share my journal and scribbles.

Hope you enjoy and please share your own poetry and favourites.

The banner image, ‘Apothecary’, was taken in Fez in 2004 by my partner, Fred. He’s got loads of great shots in colour and black-and-white from our travels in the States, France, Morocco, Eastern Europe, and his beloved Yorkshire, not to mention Bangkok, Bangalore, Cape Town and of course, our current home country, Spain. I’ll be using them here to illustrate and sometimes even inspire some writing. Thanks as ever Fred!

PS: I’m doing and can recommend the Open University’s OU Free Study Course: What is Poetry? 



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